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  • Bezemer Logistics
  • Headquarters
  • Vroesenlaan 14c
  • 3039 DT Rotterdam
  • Tel. +31 88 2430 100

Customer Feedback

"For our dredging work and land reclamation in Europe, we could always count on Bezemer Logistics. They have done a tremendous job by providing a great service and a customer-friendly attitude".

Hadley Morris, Boskalis, Westminister NV

"Volvo Penta Service Center is committed to ensure rapid delivery of (spare) parts to our service dealers and customers in Europe. We can count on Bezemer Logistics, because they always meet the deadlines and requirements with confidence and reliability. We appreciate that very much!"

Mark Versteeg, J.C. Terlouw BV machinefabriek en reparatiebedrijf

"The transport of architectural models, no matter what size they are, has never been a problem for Bezemer Logistics. We want to ensure quickness, accuracy, friendliness and high quality. Bezemer Logistics always meet these requirements and we can count on their service."

Judith Marinissen, Ballast Nedam Bouw regio West

"As a 24/7 container terminal we are in need of fast deliveries of the most essential parts of our cranes. Bezemer Logistics have proven to be a reliable and trustworthy international partner in their willingness to react instantly to our demands and deliver the needed parts. It is with this kind of mentality and reliability that Bezemer Logistics have contributed to the success of our most recent project on implementing a weighing system on our RTG's." 

Riemert Helder, Head of Engineering Madagascar International Container Services Ltd. (MICTSL)

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